Engine Guard



Why Engine Guard

The Engine Guard uses a completely separate sensor and an accurate digital display- totally independent of the factory temperature gauge. This will enable you to see changes in real time- quickly and accurately and avoid engine overheating. YOU set the audible alarm to warn you if the temperature is higher than normal

About Engine Guard

Engines overheat and fixing the damage can cost serious money.  In most cases no warranty or insurance applies.  You pay the repair bill & do without your car until it’s fixed.That’s why you need an ENGINE GUARD.

REACTON Systems Protect:

This system gives you the ability to monitor 2 different locations at the same time, you could monitor:


The ENGINE GUARD system is an advanced digital temperature gauge with a user-adjustable audible alarm. Designed to warn you of overheating, the system will also provide very accurate real time monitoring of changes in temperature. ENGINE GUARD will warn you before the damage is done! With ENGINE GUARD you can monitor small changes in temperature- and take action. And the changes are detected very, very quickly. ENGINE GUARD is remarkably good at detecting temperature changes due to load. if you suffer a sudden catastrophic coolant loss, the ENGINE GUARD will still function perfectly. The ENGINE GUARD will also show accurate temperature if the coolant is not circulating whereas immersed senders would fail to show any change.